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Up and Down with Cloud Blaster

November 20, 2012

So, uh, Cloud Blaster was free on Windows for a while there. It was intentional, but it wasn’t able to last. Unfortunately, there is an issue with the keyboard input and the ad manager that cause some issues. When the ad would update, it would cause the input to lock until the app was suspended and reloaded. This would cause players to run off the edge, or not be able to move at all.

It isn’t all bad though, Cloud Blaster at least has a trial now. The first three campaign and three arena levels are available in the trial. Unlocking the full version grants you access to the rest of the levels, as well as all the cosmetic items. By three levels, you should know if you want what I am offering or not. If not, hey at least you tried it.

More content is on the way still, it is just taking long than I would have liked to finish it, but that seems to be a general theme for Cloud Blaster. I’d like for them to be finished before I put them out there.


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