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Who Said That? Update

June 13, 2013

Who Said That? has been updated to version 1.1 on Windows Phone.

This update makes some rather large visual changes, mostly with the color scheme. Who Said That? has made the jump to a purple theme. In addition to that, there is now also a dark theme for those who have AMOLED screens.

Who Said That? Title

The ‘Movies’ quiz has also been released in this update! See how much you know about some of the greatest lines to hit the big screen and who said them. The ‘Movies’ quiz also adds sources. After a question is answered, a question mark will appear that will let you see what movie the line was from. Sources are being defined for questions in previous categories as well, but as of now it is only available for ‘Movies’.

Movies Quiz

The last little bit of Who Said That? news is that it is now available for Windows Store!

Who Said That? Title

Who Said That is available completely free to all Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 users.


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