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The Adventure Doesn’t End

December 8, 2012

For all the fans of the Windows Phone version of Cloud Blaster, I have some good news! Both the paid and ad supported versions have been updated with the new cloud particle system.


The particle system, surprisingly, works great. I managed to improve the performance on it from the Windows 8 version by about thirty percent. It was a rather simple process, there are less particles drawn, but they are slightly larger so the effect looks the same, if not slightly better.


As you can also see, the energy is more representative of how many shots you have left. I feel this was a better way to display it rather than the bar where you had to guess how many shots were remaining.

The even better news is that this update is available, right now, on both Windows Phone and Windows 8. Oh, and the Windows 8 version now supports the Xbox 360 controller, so have fun with that.

Happy Blasting



Up and Down with Cloud Blaster

November 20, 2012

So, uh, Cloud Blaster was free on Windows for a while there. It was intentional, but it wasn’t able to last. Unfortunately, there is an issue with the keyboard input and the ad manager that cause some issues. When the ad would update, it would cause the input to lock until the app was suspended and reloaded. This would cause players to run off the edge, or not be able to move at all.

It isn’t all bad though, Cloud Blaster at least has a trial now. The first three campaign and three arena levels are available in the trial. Unlocking the full version grants you access to the rest of the levels, as well as all the cosmetic items. By three levels, you should know if you want what I am offering or not. If not, hey at least you tried it.

More content is on the way still, it is just taking long than I would have liked to finish it, but that seems to be a general theme for Cloud Blaster. I’d like for them to be finished before I put them out there.


Cyber Attack is Now Free

November 15, 2012

After a short period of time, it became clear that Cyber Attack wasn’t going to do well as a paid application on Windows 8. With a grand total of two purchases, my wife and myself, it is now free and ad supported. Hopefully, this helps get it out to a lot more people.


Cyber Attack on Windows

November 11, 2012

Like Cloud Blaster, Cyber Attack has also made its way to Windows 8. Cyber Attack is sitting in the store, just waiting for you to pick it up.

Menu Screen

Cyber Attack is true to the Windows Phone version in almost every way, but it also has its own additions.

Online leaderboards were unable to make it to the Windows version, at least for the time being. In its place, there are now stats. These stats tell you things from how many enemies you’ve killed to your accuracy, as well as your highest score for each mode.

Enemies also have a new die animation. I wasn’t really happy with the Windows Phone’s animation. This one is much more cyber-like, and I think a lot of people will be pleased with it. Along with that, Cyber Attack now features stat tracking, much like what is present in Cloud Blaster.

I hope people will enjoy Cyber Attack as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.


Cloud Blaster Now Live

November 10, 2012

Cloud Blaster is now live on the Windows Store! Unfortunately, it was a lot later than I thought it would be, but that isn’t the point. The point is, now, you can play Cloud Blaster on your Windows 8 personal computing device.

As stated before, Cloud Blaster has a fancy new particle system for the clouds. I think this looks rather pretty, for lack of a better word, but it does have a bit of a performance requirement. Older computers upgrading to Windows 8 might have a slight issue with it, but most should be perfectly fine. For those that aren’t, there is a setting that will lower the particle content. For those interested, when the Boolean is active, it only draws every fourth particle.

Braid amongst the islands.

Content wise, the game is the same. The levels and unlockables are the same as they are on the Windows Phone version, with the exception of the Windows 8 version lacking ringtones.

Now that the past is out of the way, lets talk about the future. In the next update, along with the Windows Phone version, there will be new cosmetic items. These items include things like sweaters, togas and bracelets. These will still be unlockable via the arena and collecting coins in the campaign.


Along with the new cosmetics, there will be new ways to earn them in new arena levels. The arena levels are something I enjoy making, and they provide that extra bit of reply value that people love so much.

The plan is still to tweak the sprites a bit, but we will have to see how that goes before making any commitments.

Hopefully, we can generate some more interest in Cloud Blaster through Apptivate.

Aside from that, I hope you all enjoy what I feel is a quality product. I’ve put a lot of work into this game over the past year. There are still a lot of things I want to change, like some sound effects and music, but I’m proud of what it is.


Cloud Blaster on Windows 8

October 22, 2012

Hello everyone,

Cloud Blaster has been doing pretty well over at the Windows Phone Store since its launch. As announced before, it is coming to Windows 8. Cloud Blaster is already in a working form on the platform.

If everything goes right, it will be ready by October 26, when Windows 8 is available to the public, but that isn’t set in stone.

A few things differ from this version compared to the Windows Phone version. The Windows 8 version supports a wider range of controls, like the keyboard and mouse.

Still a work in progress are the graphics. They will be getting a slight overhaul, and hopefully be ported over to the phone version as well. Linda Milom, mentioned here before, is going to be trying her hand at some hand drawn graphics for the dogs and enemies. I will be working on making the environment look better programmatically. The clouds that you walk on will be much more alive via a particle system rather than sprites. Regardless, this will be able to be toggled.

In addition to backend updates, there will also be more arena levels and more cosmetic items, as well as some campaign levels getting revised.

It is also lacking a few things. While these are tiny omissions, the Windows 8 version lacks accelerometer controls and unlockable ringtones.

All in all, Cloud Blaster on Windows 8 should be a great experience for all to enjoy. If you want, you can vote for it over here on Apptivate.


Cloud Blaster Released

September 8, 2012

Good news, everyone! Cloud Blaster, both the paid and free versions, are now on the marketplace. In this post I will be going the game, rather than detailing what I am working on. Bella and Braid are two huskies on a mission to save the sky. Through twenty-five levels, you’ll fight your way past five bosses and hundreds of enemies. Cloud Blaster is a mixture of a platformer and a shooter. As you defeat bosses, you’ll unlock different elemental benefits for your shots. Elements will cause extra damage to enemies that are weak against it, while dealing leas damage to those of the same element. The enemies are not the only threat. There are many obstacles that can harm you, some even kill you instantly. Take the shock platform, for example. It pulses with energy every few seconds, causing a knockback and some damage if you are touching it at that time. In addition to the campaign levels, there are also ten arena levels to test your skills. The arena has three different objectives. Each level will be either reach the exit, collect all stars, or kill all enemies. Completing these tasks grants you coins, more coins are awarded the faster you complete the level. Coins are used for various things. They can be spent on unlocking cosmetic items for your character. These items will be on your character when you play through the game, campaign or arena. In the next update, which is already in certification, you have something else to spend those coins on. You can now unlock tracks and save them as ringtones. There are five to unlock, the same five that are in the five different areas in the game.

In addition to that, five additional arena levels are being added. Most of these levels focus on the platforming aspect of the game. These levels are meant to be more challenging than difficult. The goal is to add more arena levels as time goes on.

Beyond Cloud Blaster, I am still doing game development for Windows Phone. Most of my attention is going to be on a shmup I am working on, Supernova. After that, I’m going to work on porting Cloud Blaster to Windows 8. Thanks for reading!